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On Demand: Charlotte Forslund

written by Queen Mom 1. November 2011

How Charlotte and Bjarte dealt with the cancer and how it changed their life. (Interview from  2011) This year’s summer, doctors diagnosed testicular cancer with Bjarte Myrhol. A shock diagnosis for the 29-year-old Norwegian handball pro and his girlfriend Charlotte Forslund. Charlotte and Bjarte met nine years ago. Charlotte was working in a coffee bar and Bjarte appeared constantly with friends. At each visit, he did break a glass or cup – he was always so nervous. Later he told Charlotte that he was so excited because he had fallen in love with her. Charlotte answered our questions via email. An emotional interview. “I have cried a bit when I wrote about Bjarte disease, because I’ve never written that down for me. But it felt good, “she writes us. You have always accompanied Bjarte, what is the biggest challenge for a woman at the side of a handball professional? I have been with Bjarte since he has been a professional handball player, and we have experienced much and learned much in recent years. When we moved to Hungary, we had not lived together, and suddenly everything was different. Hungary was a big challenge. In Hungary I could not talk to anyone because there is hardly any English spoken and I was home a lot. I found out quickly that I must do something, because I was not able to work without knowing the language. So I’ve started to design jewelry and did a correspondence course. This time was very difficult for us but I’m glad we did it. But I was very happy as Bjarte could then sign a contract in Germany. I think for every woman, there are different challenges living together with a professional athlete. For me it was always important to make my own education and to pursue my own goals and to always have to go my own way, at least so far as is possible. I have studied and now I have a good education and for me it is very important. Because there will be a life after Handball and I want to have a good job. Now I work in Germany and gain new experiences. This is important; it’s good for my resume. For me it is very important to be able to stay independently. First you were in Hungary, then you went to Germany. What’s it like to go into foreign countries, each without knowing how long you will stay there? Is it hard for you or is it also a kind of “adventure”? I believe that a life, in which you are moving constantly, to many different countries and cities and never know how long you stay in one place, is not a life for everyone. But for me it fits! I feel very comfortable in Germany and I hope we stay here long. It is a little restless sometimes. But that’s also easy for us because we still have no children. It is only difficult for me when we met good friends and then have to move again. This is a disadvantage. But overall I’m satisfied with my life as a girlfriend of handball player 😉 You are a beautiful jewelry designer. What else do you do and how important it’s for you to realize yourself and to be independent? My jewelry is my little hobby and I love it. I have a Norwegian shop, but also some German customers, who came through my blog. I am a bit of a “Control-Freak” and for me it is very important that we have a plan for our future. We bought our dream property in Sandefjord now and save money for our dream house. That is our goal and our mutual dream. We would also like to talk to you about Bjartes disease. Can you tell us something about the time when the diagnosis was named and how Bjarte noticed his illness? Bjarte was in great pain and had gone to the doctor. I worked and wrote him a text message and asked if there was anything serious. He replied: “No,” Since I was at work and because he did not want to disturb me there. When he was with me later and told me everything, I was totally shocked and frightened. I’ll never forget that feeling. We went for a long walk and talked about everything and even cried. I associate cancer with death and sadness and was sure he would tell me now that our future just would not bet he way I scheduled it. It was so awful and I cried all night. How did you both deal with it? Bjarte is always calm and saw no boundaries, only possibilities, and he had a positive attitude from the first day and planned to continue his future. I was sad and only felt chaos. I could not understand why he could be so positive. But when we learned that the cancer had not spread, I was positive and had the feeling that everything we will work out. We have done it together and now nothing can destroy our relationship, I think. We have learned so much during this time and I’m very proud of Bjarte. How he handled it all. I have also seen a strong side of myself that I had never known before. Did you have the feeling that you always needed to be strong for him?  I found the most difficult time was during chemotherapy. I had no idea that it would be so difficult. I never forget Bjarte’s first dose, because his skin had turned green and it made me sick. I was every day with Bjarte in the hospital and did my best to be strong, because I felt that it was my duty. Bjarte was always so worried because I was sad. Being alone in my car on the way home, everything came up and I was always crying. It was so hard to see him so weak and I found it so unfair that he had to get through this. It was also hard because we were alone in a foreign country, all in German and had to do without our families. I felt alone and wanted to be alone a lot. You two were very open with the disease. Do you think this was helpful? We have both decided that we should openly deal with the disease, because I think it’s important and we are open-minded people and that was right for us. I’m glad that we have done so. It changes something inside you, if you suddenly receive letters and thoughts of known and unknown people from all countries. It was great to see so many people that appreciate Bjarte. This has meant very much to us both! Barite’s story was often in the German media and of course in Norwegian and that was unusual for us but I understand why they reported about us. It is a positive story about cancer, with a good output and it is important for men to get more information about this form of cancer. What can you advice a man, Charlotte, who comes into this situation? I can believe in such a situation no one can advice something. I believe in positive energy and willpower. How have you survived both the time of chemo? After Bjarte had finished the chemo, we spend a weekend in Switzerland and it was very nice to see how Bjarte has enjoyed that. No hospital longer. The chemo was the worst time period but we gave each other as much support as possible and planned a lot together what we want to do later. What have you felt when he first played Handball again? As Bjarte played handball again, I was not surprised to be honest. I was proud and happy for him, but I do not know anyone who has so much determination and fighting spirit, and is so persistently as Bjarte is. Of course it was fantastic to see him play. When he was on the field three minutes in a home game, two weeks after the end of chemotherapy, it was a strong feeling .I am glad that he has experienced it. How do you live as a couple after such a conscious experience? As a couple, we are very much aware and appreciate small things every day. We are very good “friends” and are not arguing so many times anymore over little things. Was there also some very nice experience during this hard time? We have made so many wonderful experiences through this ordeal. The most important thing is what does not kill you, makes you even stronger. Although it’s a cliché, it’s true anyway. We have discovered new things about ourselves and have become stronger as a couple. Bjarte now works with cancer indication and donation campaigns in Norway and is a good role model, I think. The story has changed our lives and our thoughts are clear and we were both shocked. We were positively surprised how many people cared for us and were there and we will never forget. And now another, more beautiful subject: How can queens and other women purchase your jewelry? My jewelry you find at my blog http://charlotte-forslund.blogspot.com/. You can simply send me an email then. Everyone who is Norwegian can also click on the homepage of my small shop. https://epla.no/shops/charlottessmykker. What are your dreams for the future? Our dream for the future is to build a dream house and to have many children – a big happy family 🙂 🙂 How do you imagine your life after his handball career? After the “Handball life” we want to catch up on everything that we have not done in recent years. For example skiing with family and friends in Norway and to do other things such as traditional Norwegian hut trips and much much more 🙂 We are booth looking forward to it. (photos: ©Charlotte Forslund/privat)   Tine Eisenbeis( 2011)

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